MIXED – PRINTED & PLAIN – Helium Balloon Floor Arrangement With HiFloat

From $21.50

Helium Balloon Floor Arrangement – Mixed Latex Printed & Plain

Helium inflated with Hi Float and attached to a weight, arranged elegantly with ribbon. Designed to last 3-5+ days

Helium Balloon Floor Arrangement – Mixed Latex Printed & Plain look great with 1 18-20in Foil Balloon and either  6 Balloon, 8 Balloons, 10 Balloons or 14 Latex Balloons. Foil Balloons are available in over 200 Designs combined with our professional quality latex balloons adding that intriguing element to many balloon functions! Be it your child’s first birthday party, a wedding celebration or Valentine’s day, foil balloons quickly and accurately paint a picture; we all know that a picture paints a thousand words!

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